Pincushion Cactus
Pincushion Cactus

Twenty Years of Endangered Species

When the Malpai Group was getting started 20 years ago we really didn't plan on becoming endangered species experts.  Our region has one of the highest number of listed species known from any comparable area, with nearly 30 endangered species that live here full time, or migrate through during part of the year.  When we thought about endangered species at all, it was mostly to wonder what problems they would cause for us.  We certainly didn't think of them as an asset.  However, one-by-one, need arose to learn more about our listed species.  The Group's efforts have gradually taken a leading role in developing information about the ecology and management needs for several species. We discovered that in some situations their presence can actually be an aid to achieving our landscape goals.

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In early spring of 1996, Warner Glenn and his daughter Kelly were on a mountain lion hunt in the Peloncillo Mountains when they got on the trail of what appeared to be a large lion.  When Warner finally caught up to it, the “lion” turned out to be a jaguar.  As luck would have it, Warner had a full roll of film in his camera.  The photos he took of the jaguar were the first ever taken of a wild jaguar in the United States. Jaguars have occasionally been seen in Arizona over the years, one as far north as the Grand Canyon in 1932, but all seem to have been wandering individuals, with no clear evidence of a population north of the Mexican border. 

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New Mexico Ridge-Nose Rattlesnake

One of the Groups' major efforts has been to work with land managers to return fire to the landscape as a natural ecological process that is necessary to sustain and restore grassland and savanna woodland habitat. The early steps to accomplish this have been to plan a series of prescribed burns which are beginning to get vegetation structure back into a healthy equilibrium with periodic fire.

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Rio Yaqui Fishes

The San Bernardino Valley, on the West side of the Malpai region, is the northern   tip of the watershed for the Rio Yaqui, a river which flows for 300 miles south from here to its mouth on the Gulf of California. The species of fish found in the Rio Yaqui are different from any found in other rivers in the United States.

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The Lesser Long-Nosed Bat

The lesser long-nosed bat is a migratory species that spends the summer in the Malpai area. These bats spend most of the year to the south in Mexico, where they can find enough nectar and fruit from tropical trees to feed them through the winter.

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Chiricahua Leopard Frog

One of the first endangered species projects the Group got involved with was to help the Magoffin family develop reliable water for a Chiricahua leopard frog population. Beginning in 1994 a stock tank that had supported the frogs for many years began to go dry. The Magoffins started hauling water, 1,000 gallons per week, for what turned out to be over two years.

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2006 Jaguar

A new jaguar photo was taken by Warner Glenn in the Malpai Borderlands in 2006, 10 years after he photographed the first jaguar in the area.  It is not the same jaguar that Warner photographed in 1996. The spot patterns were different. This jaguar also was a large male. He was in beautiful shape. Looked to be an older cat. Seven people saw the cat as it went on its way.

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The Science Advisory Committee of the Malpai Borderlands Group is composed of scientists specializing in disciplines ranging from botany to zoology.

Did you know?

  • Malpai ranchers have cooperated with scientists to inventory the region’s rich biodiversity — including the most diverse lizard fauna in the US.
  • The Malpai region has the most extensive network of long-term vegetation monitoring plots in the Southwest. The data collected helps ranchers and public land managers to improve ongoing grassland restoration efforts.
  • The Malpai science program maintains over 200 monitoring plots to provide baseline data on the ecology of the region. Other research efforts focus on specific taxa like the tiny Cochise pincushion cactus.



The Jornada- Arid Lands Research Programs -

The Cuencos Los Ojos Foundation -

Jaguar Book -

Northern Jaguar Project -



The 2020 Malpai Borderlands Group Science Conference is scheduled for January 2020.  More details will be posted as they become available.



Food and Lodging for the Portal/Rodeo area

Lodge Name                                                                                      Capacity               Distance from Museum

Chiricahua Mountain Lodge                                                             50+                         1 Mile


Brand New Fully Furnished  Cable TV, WiFi              

3 Large Apartments with two Bathrooms

and full Kitchen.

2 Small Apartments  w/Full Size

Fridge and Microwave


Sky Islands Grill & Grocery


37 Portal Rd, Rodeo, NM 88056

¼ Mile from Geronimo Event Center on Portal Road

Deli sandwiches & pizzas for lunch


Four Bar Cottages                                                                         total 19            1.5 Miles

121 W. Portal Rd., 

Portal, AZ  85632

(520) 558-2580  

Cottages with or without kitchenettes, located in the shadows of the Chiricahua Mountains.


Mountain Valley Lodge and RV Park

575-557 2267

2 rooms & and 2 cabins sleeps                                                 total 10                  2 miles


Casa Adobe B & B


1 cabin sleeps 4                                                            total 4                     2 miles


Portal Peak Lodge


16 rooms sleep 2 people each                                                  total 32                    8 miles


Myrtle Kraft Cottage


2 rooms sleep up to 4 people each                           total 8                    8 miles


Chirichalet Hostel

Barbara Roth



2420 S. Rockhouse Rd.

sleeps 5 to 6

3 bedrooms, shared bathroom                                                  total 6                   8 Miles


Cave Creek Ranch


10 cabins sleep up to 38 people                                               total 38                     8 miles


Mountain Shadows Getaway


Two bedroom two bath house.  Wifi, kitchen, tv.                                                 total 4                      7 miles


Rusty’s RV Park


1 rental trailer and 40 full hookup sites                                   total 82                 4 miles


Birders B & B


2 Apt sleep 2 each                                        total 4                    8 miles


SW Research Station

Chiricahua Mt.’s


Dorm style and cabins                                                                 total 90      12 miles



The George Walker House

Paradise, AZ

 (520) 558-2287

2 beds                                                                                 total 3            12 miles


Silver Peak Casita                                                                            total 1-4             7 Miles


Wifi, Full Size Fridge, Microwave and Coffee Maker

1 King-size Bed and Double Futon (One room) Private Bathroom .

Pool Table


DD Gamble Guest Lodge & Ranch

South on HWY 80 to mile marker 411, then West on Rockspring Rd to end, then right at green gate.



Quailway Cottage

152 W. Portal Rd.

Cottage with 3 beds

(520) 558-0019


Rodeo Cottages

Rodeo, NM




Sky Island Lodge

House with 2 bedrooms/sleeps 6

Rodeo, NM



Kitzman House

Sky Village

3 bedroom/2 bath house



Sky Gypsy Complex

3 bedroom/2 bath – 1900 sq. ft. - sleeps 7

(219)405-9725 /


Painted Pony Resort

3 lodges – sleeps 50 total

(575)557-0230 /


Camping in the Chiricahua Mountains

All camp sites allow a maximum of 10 people per site and two vehicles.


Stewart Camp Ground 6  camp sites                    9 miles

Sunny Flat Camp Ground 12 camp sites            10 miles

Rustlers Park Camp Ground 22 camp sites      15 miles     temporarily Closed



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